Welcome to Personalized Oncology 2019

At “Personalized Oncology 2019”, the world’s experts on translational oncology research will highlight the current developments and future perspectives of patient-centric, personalized prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of cancer patients.

We invite you to join our international audience of scientists, clinicians, translational researchers, computational biologists and contributors from the pharmaceutical and technology industry at this great event and shape together the future of personalized oncology!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Basel!

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SSMO/SGMO/SSOM (Swiss Society of Medical Oncology): 14 Credits

Scientific Program Summary

Tandem Keynote

  • Michael Hall / Andreas Neubauer

Session I: “Predicting Outcomes: from Biology to Artificial Intelligence”

  • Mark Rubin
  • Peter Campbell
  • Lillian Siu
  • Andreas Trumpp

Session II: “Treatments, Resistance, and Combination of Therapies”

  • Roger Lo
  • Anna Obenauf
  • Daniel Peeper
  • Mark Rubinstein

Personalized Oncology in Switzerland:

  • Olivier Michielin (CHUV Lausanne)
  • Mohamed Bentires-Alj (University of Basel)
  • Mitchel Levesque (University Hospital Zurich)
  • Andreas Wicki (Kantonsspital Baselland)

Session III: “From Personalized Avatars and Disease Models to Novel Trial Methods”

  • Olli Kallioniemi
  • Meenhard Herlyn
  • Jonas Nilsson
  • Lars Hemkens

Tandem Keynote

  • Douglas Hanahan / Markus Heim

Partner event:  DayOne Masterclass - Ethics and the Future of Health

  • Nicoletta Iacobacci

Scientific Committee

  • Mohamed Bentires-Alj (chair, University of Basel)
  • Andreas Wicki (chair, Kantonsspital BL)
  • Michael Hall (University of Basel)
  • Christoph Rochlitz (University Hospital Basel)
  • Markus Tolnay (University Hospital Basel)
  • Primo Schär (University of Basel)
  • Radek Skoda (University & University Hospital of Basel)
  • Gerhard Christofori (University of Basel)
  • Mitchell Levesque (University Hospital Zurich)
  • Sai Reddy (ETH Zurich)

Sponsors & Funding

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